What would it take for you to give up social freedoms?

If it comes down to everyone being watched everywhere, I find myself unwillingly agreeing to this preposition once the trajectory of other problems have progressed beyond “too far”.

Enjoyed and malleable freedoms is largely an adaptation to the progress of ones society, I find. Whether already traded in for illegitimate means or not, it is not even about attemptedly achieving neither (in bad faith), but whether the option presents itself as preferable to even the most central pillar of ones program. As such, what constitutes the un-preferable trade?

How does this play out in society, and in theory. Are you as staunch a defender of your idea of social freedom in the horse-trade of actual politics? Could a meaningful stance be presented as resilient safety?

To clarify, as I see it, one could even unwittingly upend said balance in striving for it.

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We had Two huge World wars for Freedom but i think in the End it was only a War for who would be again our Master.

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