UN Activities and Groundspasses

“We need to apply for all grounds passes ASAP for all people who want to continue to go to UN events.” Can we get a show of interest from those who would like have annual or temporary grounds passes?

Please let us know if you are interested in a pass by writing the UN center (NY, Geneva, or Vienna) and whether you need an annual or temporary temporary pass.

We have limited annual passes, so please only ask for an annual pass if you will definitely attend more than 1 event over a 3 month+ time period.

If you would like to join the FB chat group, please also send us your contact.

Feel free to follow up on this chat by discussing anything related to our UN activities, even if you cannot attend an event physically. Many of the events are online and located outside of the 3 official centers.

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We need people to attend UN events around the world. In order to attend a UN event you must sign up using the Indico system https://indico.un.org/ and to get a PPI conference focal point to approve your participation. Lists of UN events are also displayed on the ECOSOC websites: csonet.org/ esango.un.org/

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