Treasury Report

Treasury Report

First of all, it is important to say that all the work was a colective work through the year. As a treasurer, I have to thanks to the developed work by Ray, Etienne, Mike and others. As it is in board report, our year in financial therms faced a lot of challenges that we tried to handle in the better way, but it is a question that we cannot run away. These problems brought some difficulties for our general organization in this area, so the report won’t be long.

We had some troubles:

    • our account access was blocked a great part of time
    • we focused some effort on registering the organization on Switzerland, but in the mean time our main articulator in the country resigned from board
    • the associates affiliation fees were not colected as it should
    • some costs remained opened, per example IT
    • the elected treasurer resigned
    • the designed treasurer (me) faced 2 big personal questions: to understand other kind of financial systems and lives in a country with an elected fascist government that deviated some (a lot) effort and atention on this year, mainly in the 2nd semester

Budget 2019

    • the complete 2019 budget report is detailed on the motion for revised budget

Bookeping (Balance Account)

    • Debts: Monthly Service Fees
    • Credits: affiliation fees from France, Switzerland and iindividual memberships
    • Credit: Czech Republic Pirates donations for TT4 (that was postponed to next year)

Budget 2020

  • For the 2020 budget we’ve made a proposition

    • An accounting deficit from 2019
    • IT expenses
    • Finance expenses
    • Legal registration expenses
    • 2 events expenses: Think Twice and 2020 GA (remembering that TT4 has already a subvention)
    • Affiliation fees and donations as incomes

I believe that for 2020 for treasury to work as well as we want, we have to have 3 mains focus:

    • solve some questions that are opened, like the IT costs
    • solve the bank account access question (in progress)
    • organize the membership relation, get closer and show how important for movment to contribute and pay fees

I hope that 2020 will be a better year. We had some stuff going on (our discourse server, congressus, UN conmitee), that helps to turn PPI on a more interesting organization for world pirates to grow efforts together.


Designed Treasurer

“I’ve bleeding too much, I’ve been crying a river. Last year I died, but this year I don’t die” - Belchior

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In the name of PP Luxembourg thank you all for your work.
With best regards Lucie

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Thanks from PPNO. I hope we all can work together in 2020.

Thanks from PPCAT! If we have any pending invoice, just write us at :slight_smile:

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