Topics for Discussion

Thread serving to gather any proposed topics for discussion at the July GA.

Moving our domicile and bank account away from Switzerland

A topic discussed on May 27th 2022 at the Pirate Beer in regards to criticism of a lack of transparency and access to our bank account, as Swiss banks make it extremely complicated for us to effectively change persons with access to the account. As we change our leadership fairly often, it’s not really feasible for us to undertake a multi-month process of sending letters back and forth, so a new representative can gain access to the account.

It was proposed by the Pirate Beer by PPAT, PPCZ and others to move our domicile to a country with well established Pirate Party in order to always have people at hand, and with good and transparent banking system for ease of access. Multiple central and northern European countries were proposed. Doing this will require the GA to vote and we’re not going to do this now. This discussion is supposed to serve as a litmus test of the membership opinion, so the board knows whether to pursue this agenda.

Think Twice Conference.

We need panelists and speakers for the event. Please share the following sign up form: TT4

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The next (winter) GA in person again?

How about making the next GA in person (or rather hybrid) once again? If there will be no takers, I’d be willing to volunteer PPCZ to host. At TT4 we’ll gather some experience and it has been quite some time since we hosted last time, 10 years ago to be exact. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe it would be a good idea.