Revisions to Article XIII.6 Functions of the Board

Name of the motion : Clarifying Board Meeting Guidelines

Presentation of the motion : The Board has been meeting biweekly. We also carefully document our board meetings and encourage outside participation. The following guidelines should assist future Boards.

Text of Motion to Read at the GA
Does the GA accept the guidelines for Board meetings?

Body of the motion
The following revision is recommended: (6) The Board shall meet regularly every two weeks. The form of the meeting is based on ongoing issues that are discussed online in written form on an application of the Board’s choosing (e.g. Redmine, Loomio, Discourse, Piratepads, etc.). The remaining of the meeting is free for discussion from any Board member. Additional time must be provided to any Observer and Ordinary Members present. Time will also be allotted on occasion to non-members at the Board’s discretion. The Board meeting should not last less than 20 minutes or longer than 2 hours.

Original text
(6) The Board shall meet regularly and not less than once a month. The form of the meeting is free.

Support : PPIL

Rapporteur : @keithg

I would opose such elaborate rules for meetings in statutes.
Names of technologies or products have no place in statutes.

Some of this may belong into Boards rules of Procedure, which is it’s own thing.

I could support some sort of task or assigment for the Board proposed as a simple motion, not an statute change.


Yes, indeed. We need a Rules of Procedure Wiki for the board and to indicate that the Board should refer to these unbinding rules to assist in structuring its activities.

And that is matter for Board, not for GA.

Also, zis:

The German delegation will vote “no” to this motion, as we do not think that the proposed changes should not be included in the statutes, but rather in the RoP of the Board. Moreover we second Vojtech’s comments. We recommend to other PPI Members to dismiss this motion as well.

PPIL agrees with this revision proposed by PPDE. However, we feel that there should be a reference in the statutes then to the RoP of the board. There should be a reference to the RoP with hyperlink in the statutes. Hence, we revise our motion that Aricle XIII.6 includes the following additional statement to the original text: “The Board shall meet regularly and not less than once a month. The form of the meeting is free. The Board shall refer to the non-Rules of Procedure:

We revise our motion: Does the GA agree to include a reference to the RoP in the statutes?

Motion was withdrawn.
I suggest to lock this and maybe create a new one suggesting changes to Boards RoP