Report of the Treasurer

PPI General Assembly 2020.2 05.-06.12.2020
Treasurer‘s Report

The Board of PPI appoints the treasurer from among its members. Due to the unsettled situation I stepped in on October 20th and the Board elected me as treasurer.

Since then I have been preparing the finances. On 30.10.2020 I transferred the account balances and the bookings into our Wiki. Here nothing had happened since the end of 2018.

We have access to our bank account. On 30.11.2020 we had a balance of 5,099.48 CHF = (4,714.51 EUR) - we should consider to keep the account in EUR in the future, because most payments are made in EUR. Otherwise there are only additional costs due to currency differences.

There is still a problem with our PayPal account that we have kept so far. This account is actually a private account at PayPal Belgium. So far, we have not been able to get a new access.
The last known account balance is from 29.07.2018 with 538.79 EUR. In the meantime, further amounts have been received.

On 18.11.2020 I opened a real business account at PayPal Switzerland. On 21.11.2020 this account has been verified by PayPal and will be served exclusively by a function account. This ensures that the PPI can always dispose of it.

This account is also listed in the Wiki.

In addition, there is a Bitcoin account (“Kraken”), which has been reactivated, Keith has kindly taken over.

I also tried to allocate the membership fees of the members. As you can see in the Wiki, there are only a few payments and we have to clear this up with the help of the members like a puzzle. This is a lot of work, but I’m sure, that we can solve it.

Due to these irregularities it is naturally very difficult to set up a budget for 2021.

As careful merchants, we can only count on income that is reasonably secure.

Therefore, I have drawn up a provisional budget, which we should decide on again in spring 2021.

I have tried to contact the lay auditors, but they have only been on the wiki since Wednesday and I have almost no contact details.

Maybe we should always take up contact details of all elected officials shortly after the election. This makes things easier, especially if you have to fear that the elected people don’t know about their new function.

For the future I would like to revert to the old decision to publish quarterly financial reports. I think financial transparency in particular is a good thing. The members should know promptly how their money is managed.

I would be pleased if the new Board would again give me the necessary confidence as treasurer for 2020/2021.

Sebastian Krone


The proposed budget is available at the following link:

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