Report of Court of Arbitration

On Nov. 8th, 2019 the Court of Arbitration had been asked by the Board
of Pirate Parties International, namely by the Chair Bailey Lamon to
clarify the membership status of two Members of the Organisation:

Pirate Party of Croatia (Ordinary Member)

Pirate Party of Florida (Observer Member)

The main question in the request had been:

Do we just dissolve their membership?

Leave it alone? Pretend they're still with us in spirit and trust
that they will come back one day?

Derived from the given question the Court of Arbitration is asked to
rule about the Membership status ot Members to I. and II according to
VII. (2) and (3) of the Statutes of Pirate Parties International.

For further proof the Vice-Chair Gregory Engels handed in further

The Croatian Pirate Party was dissolved in 2018 - link to official

Florida Pirate Party was deregestered in 2013$file/13-176+Florida+Pirate+Party_Redacted.pdf

Given these information he Member of the Court Thomas Gaul reached out
to Maša Utković (mentioned in the given documention) on Dec. 6th. 2019
with the request to answer if the Party is still in existing. The answer
had been as follows: “No, it’s not”

On December, 6th 2019 19:00 CET the following Member of the Court of
Arbitration convened to decide upon the issue given:

Findings and Ruling:

Due to Art. VII 2. of the PPI statutes there are no longer member of the
Pirate Parties International as they have been rightfully dissolved
according to the given law of their specific Countries, respective States.

According to Art. VII 3. a Member’s affiliation ceases automatically
upon dissolution. Both member parties had been dissolved or deregistered.

Court of Arbitration

Sebastian Krone
Thomas Gaul

Written comments for a possible ruling in this way had been given in by
e-mail from Marek Nečada.
The following Further member to the Court of Arbitration did not gave
comments to the ruling.

Adam Wolf
Denis Simonet
Ohad Shemtov

Ohad Shemtov proposed the convening date but had not been able to
participate. Marek Nečada had excused himself for the courts meeting.

On behalf of the Court of Arbitration

Sebastian Krone