Reduce number of members

I propose this motion:

General assembly tasks the Board to propose exclusion or suspension of membership of Members that were not active in PPI within last 3 years to Court of Arbitration as outlined in Art. VII of Statutes within 3 months from now.

I think it is self explanatory.


SO, I made dis:

Sh*t` this:

Board is Moving Forward with this task;

  • Pirate Party of Bulgaria - - expulsion recommendation

  • Pirate Party of Finland - Bailey: apparently they left, but “unofficially”, it was debated if it was a valid statement; Mike:Thus we probably should just take note of themselves leaving? Vojtěch: We should ask them what the want to do; I propose to move them to observer membership. Mike will get in touch with them.

  • Pirate Party of Kazakhstan - the founder of the PPKZ have moved on. The Website has been taken over by cyber squatters. Greg’s idea is to try to get in touch with someone to take over their project (he has the login details for their FB page); suspension recommendation.

  • Pirate Party of Romania - Gregory: PP Romania changed name possibly and is doing something else. FB seems to be alive:; Twitter and web seem dead. Suspension and reaching out via Greg’s contact.

  • Pirate Party of Spain - the confederation had a meeting last year, besides that, almost no activity. The original PPES is probably dead. website is still online, last post 2017, twitter seems to be alive, facebook is dead. We should contact them.

  • Pirate Party of Slovenia - Bailey: They’re still active; they’re an active party, just not participating much, I’m not recommending suspension; they are participating in elections. Active within PPEU. Vojtěch: Let’s task someone to check whether they paid the fees lately. Bailey: I’ll reach to my contact there. Also let’s check whether they paid.

  • Pirate Party of Morocco - website dead, was taken over by spammer previously. FB has been dead for five years except for two recent posts. Expulsion proposed.

  • Pirate Party of Latvia - active on facebook - answer quick to messages. Website is low activity (last post 2019) - propose suspention.

  • Pirate Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina - website is down, twitter account no longer exists, last facebook post is from 2017 - propose expulsion.

  • Pirate Center of Belarus - no activity, website taken over by spammer. propose expulsion.

  • Pirate Party of Japan - not participated in the last five years. Probably just one guy, quite secretive, no visible activities. proposes expulsion.

  • Pirate Party of Korea (South) - cannot find anything on them Twitter stopped 2014, so did FB. Expulsion proposed.