Question about the PPI Headquarter

The article XIV states that :

(1) PPI Headquarters shall be incorporated in accordance with the law of the country in which its international headquarters are located in order to enjoy the status of a legal person and a non-profit organization
(2) The PPI Headquarters shall serve as the Secretariat of Pirate Parties International. It shall comprise the Secretary General of the Pirate Parties International and such staff as the Organization may require. The Secretary General shall be appointed by the Board and shall be the chief administrative officer of Pirate Parties International.
(3) The PPI Headquarters shall consist of its international headquarters and any regional offices.
(4) The PPI Headquarters shall be responsible for all administrative and financial matters, and shall report on them and present them for confirmation to the Board at least once a year.

My questions are :

  • Is this really a thing ?
  • Do we use it ?
  • Does it need to be formalized in the statutes ?

The Headquarters is indeed a real thing, as I was informed a sort of necessary legal separation. PPIHQ is registered still in Brussels, although we have investigated moving the headquarters with the rest of the organization to Geneva. We use PPIHQ for all UN activities. Perhaps someone from back in the day when it was established around 2012 can clarify.


Yes it was planend to move to Switzerland because the State Government have very friendly rules to actually have a HQ there. they finance Organisations.