Proposed Statute Changes

This thread serves to collect any statute changes proposed for this GA to consider and/or vote on.

Statutes’ Change Mainly Regarding the Positions of the General Secretary and the Treasurer

Based on the current situation and need for a few changes I hereby propose, on behalf of the board (and as presented to the board on its meeting of May 31 2022) the following statutes’ changes.

They’re linked here:

In blue you can see the most important changes. In violet any non-trivial changes and without colour any technical changes or no changes to the text at all.

Hello, Iwould like to nitpick one thing;

current XII/6 allows the board to create “Other positions”; it is not clear, if these positions are a) for Board Members (and Alternate Board Members) or b) for anyone.

If a), then they should be called “offices” to be concurent with “Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, General Secretary and Treasurer” and proposed XII/6 should be changed accordingly (Chairperson should not hold other created office.)

If b), then language should be cleared to make it more obvious. “(6) Other positions may be created by the Board.” → “(7) Other positions may be created the Board and appointed to people from the pirate movement.”

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Another: “(8) There shall be four Alternate Members of the Board.” → “(8) There shall be up to four Alternate Members of the Board.”
If the Alternate Member position is not elected or not filled, there should be no requirment to fill them up.

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Hey. Thanks for both. I was hoping a technocrat (that’s a compliment) like you would show up and help iron out any shortcomings.

On your first one - it’s b); the usage of this article so far has been for the board to create positions such as vice-GS, chair of a committee and so on. I don’t think this were ever mutually exclusive with the four main positions in the statutes. I’ll try to make it clear in the proposal.

On the latter one - yes, you’re right. Changing it to “up to four”.

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Further in the article term “Natural person” is used, so, use it here, I suppose.

(7) Other positions may be created by the Board and any Natural person may be appointed by Board to them. (?)

I don’t like that expression at all. I feel like getting rid of it altogether. It’s self-explanatory what “person” means. It obviously doesn’t talk about organisations… I’ll think on it.

Well there are natural persons, and legal persons, and although I I sertainly against any personhood of legal persons, thats the legal reality.

I would just use “representative”, which, at least to me, is clear enough.

Do you need it to be representative of somebody, or can it be Individual member, or even an hired outside force?

Well, for the extra-board positions the original text didn’t specify, so anyone. For the one person being delegated by member parties to a (now potentially private) board meeting, I would say just about anyone. It will suck if parties start sending their lawyers to the board meeting, but it’s generally public anyway, so it doesn’t matter.