Proposed Agenda December 2023

The following is template for the agenda based on the prior GAs. Please comment on necessary revisions.

Dec. 9, 2023

Time is in UTC

12:00: Delegates accreditation

13:00: Opening of the General Assembly

13:30: Formalities–Meeting chair, secretary, acceptance of agenda

14:00: Reports–Board, Treasurer, CoA, Lay Auditors, Keynote Speech

15:00: Lunch

16:00: New Member Applications (if any)

17:00: Budget proposal

17:30: Statute Amendments (if any)

18:00: Other Motions

19:00: Break

19:30: Other Motions, continued

20:00: Any Other Business

20:30: End of GA

Day 2 will be scheduled if necessary

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Revocation of Cedric Levieux’s membership on the Council of the CoA
Post moved to “Motions” here: