Preliminary Agenda for Winter 2020 GA

A preliminary agenda will be pasted here, which will be revised based on comments. The following is the preliminary agenda from Spring 2020 to get us started.

10:00 Zoom opens for last-minute registration

11:00 Start of GA w/ opening Statements and roll call

11:30 Board Report

12:00 Finances report–treasurer, lay auditors, etc.

12:30 CoA Report

13:00 Break

13:15 New Member Applications

14:00 Statute Amendments

15:00 Break

15:30 Motions

16:30 Alternate board member replacement

17:00 Open discussion/member feedback/closing statements

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Bailey has a more updated agenda:

Proposed Agenda (all times listed are in UTC)

Saturday, Dec 5th

09:00: Delegates accreditation

10:00: Opening of the General Assembly

10:15: Formalities–Meeting chair, secretary, acceptance of agenda

10:45: Acceptance of new members

11:45: Break

12:00: Reports–Board, treasurer, CoA, lay auditors

12:30 Budget proposal

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Motions

16:00: End of day 1

Sunday, December 6th

10:00: Assembly reopening/formalities

10:30: Elections of PPI officers (we will likely take a short break sometime during this)

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Keynote by Marcel Kolaja, Vice-President of the European Parliament, PPCZ

14:30: Any other business/Open mic

*If there are any last minute motions to discuss, we can make time for those after Marcel’s talk. After that, the GA ends whenever we decide to end it. =)