PPI should do individual membership only

Motion, PPI should do individual membership only. We no that all Pirate parties are built-up on individual membership, these base structure should be used for PPI in the future to cause more in/output. The National partie membership is a relic from Industrial ages what does not represent our Pirate values.
I became an individual member as soon as it was possible. So some Nation member would have to support this notion first. To bring it into discussion.
Pirate regards Mickey Sinclair.


As it was not discussed on the GA, I would like to react here;

PPI is not a Political Party, nor it is the Pirate movement itself.
PPI is an association of Pirate parties (and other organisations) and is part of the word-wide Pirate Movement.
If you want word-wide organisation for individual pirates, create one. But I think “Pirates Without Borders” is one such thing. https://www.facebook.com/pirateswithoutborders/

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Yes you are correct, i have a seat on the Board of Pirates without Borders, I will revoke my single membership of PPI because it has no Meaning.

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You are “correct”, only meaning of the supporting membership is to support the PPI.