Party Announcements

Here we include the announcements from parties to the following question: “Are there any announcements about activism or news from your party that you would like us to promote at the GA?”

[PPIL] We had 2 elections in Israel, and on election day a large-scale operation for keeping transparency at hundreds of ballots, reginal and central committees.

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[PP Slovakia] We are hoping to officially register Pirate Party of Slovakia as a officiall political party in a less than a month and we are aiming for 2020 election

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[Catalonia] Current situation in Catalonia.

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[PP Brazil] We want to share a report of how the Pirate Party is doing in Brazil, how the resistance and movements are coming here next year.

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[New Slovakia PP] We are new registered Pirate party in Slovakia and we want to join the PPI organisation. We are close friends with Czech Pirate party members and we coordinate our start in Slovakia.

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ppil (un delegate)

  • Work with others to organize the UN section on the PPI site. Everyone who be comfortable with PPI-UN global mission.
  • Open a US bank account and register as Non Profit Organization so we can accept donations from the US. We need to make sure we can provide a tax deductible receipt to everyone who donates.

sekswork is work. It should be treated as any normal job.

[PPNL] the sea sail trip from Harlingen (NL) to Bodo (Norway) 24/4-5/5 2020. See website dutch

We (PPCL) want to provide a brief summary of the political situation in Chile.