Offices, functions and positions of the Board

Name of the motion : Creating and filling of offices of the Board

Presentation of the motion : This proposal aims:

  1. To claryfi the terms seat, office and position in the statuses. Office is a named function held by a member of the Board. Seat is a pleace in the Board (or other organ).
  2. To establish approval voting as a system for all positions. (Details can be set in the RoP of GA.)
  3. To eliminate unnecesery elections of alternate board members, as there usualy is plenty of candidates to the Board who pass the approval of majority of votes but can not fit into the Board immidiatelly. It follows that these people should take the seat if any empties. The list is created anew with each Board elections, as at the moment it is either empty, or the candidates on it should redeclare their willingnes to be in the Board.

Body of the motion : Change Statutes XII. (Board) as follows:

XII. Board

(2) The Board and the Alternate Members are elected for two years by the General Assembly at the regular sessions or if an extraordinary session is requested for that purpose. The Board Members shall be elected using approval voting. Only candidate approved by majority of voters can be elected (XI. (1a) St.).

(2a) This rule applies only once: At the next regular session, every secondary seat of the Board and the Alternate Board - according to the number of their previous votes - will be new elected due to establish a rotating system. In case of a tie at the previous votes a decision is taken by drawing lot.

(4) The Board elects among the Board Members

a) a Treasurer and

b) a Chief of Administration

c) a Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson, if the seatoffice became vacant

No Board Member shall fulfil more than one office.

(5) deleted

(6)(5) Other positionsoffices may be created by the Board.

(7)(6) There shall be four Alternate Members of the Board. If one seat of the Board becomes vacant, one of the Alternate Members shall follow-up according to a list and become Board Member. The position of the Alternate Members on the list shall be determined by approval voting. The list shall consist of candidates for Board Members who were supported by majority of voters but could not fit into the Board. The list is valid until next Board Elections.

(8) Alternate Members following-up on the Board shall have no office, but may be elected into one by a majority vote of the Board.

Support : [insert the name of the supporters of the motion, including yours]

Rapporteur : Vojtěch Pikal

For example, this year, tle list of Alternates would consist of Kitty Hundal, Cedric Levieux, Thomas Gaul and Magnus Andersson, as they recieved enough support in the first round of Board elections.

(Im not completely sure about the order, as the RoP are not established for this situation, but basically, this one.)

Instead, we held extra ellections in which Kitty Hundal and Cedric Levieux were elected as Alternates. (Thomas Gaul also got enough approval, but could not fit on the list, as there are already two people from previous year.)

(Im actually quite not sure, if the people elected as alternates this year are berore, after or inbetween the alternates from previous year. And I dont ever wand to heve a dispute on that. Hence the “one year” - board election - list validity rule proposed.)

I completely agree with this proposed statute revision, but alas as a statute revision must be presented four weeks in advance, we should slate this proposal for direct election of alternates based on the initial board elections for the next GA. We also emphasize that it was decided at the 2017 GA that alternates would play an active role in the board, and we should encourage all of those who ran this year to be given roles as volunteers who will support the board, perhaps as leaders of standing committees, for which a motion is not needed but rather merely a statement at the GA. It is a shame if someone disappointed by not being elected then becomes inactive. I encourage our board to reach out to all of those who ran to see if they would like to lead a standing committee.