Observer Membership Application of the PPEU

Dear Pirates,
on behalf of the European Pirate Party (PPEU), I would like to ask you for observer membership in PPI for our organization. We are registered in the Luxembourg as a non-profit organization representing Pirate parties in Europe. The respective contact information may be found here. We have appointed Sebastian Krone to coordinate between our both organisations.

The most current version of PPEU statues can always be found on our wiki. Part of our Statues is the manifesto. The existing by-laws include

Current Common European Election Pirate programme can be found here.

More background information about the European Pirate Party:

The decision to apply for PPI membership was adopted at the PPEU Council Meeting June 5th 2021

Best regards,
Mikuláš Peksa, PPEU Chair

/Put here by Mike Gill on Mikuláš’s request/