Nomitations here!

Name of the candidate : Guillaume Saouli / PP-CH

Presentation of the candidate : Guillaume is currently the chair of Pirate Parties International

Positions to which you are candidate : Chairperson

Support : PP-DE

Contact : Guillaume dot Saouli at pp dot pp dash international dot net

Name of the candidate : Michal Gill / PP-CZ

Presentation of the candidate : I currently work as a translator from Czech to English, have a B.A. in history, I’ve participated or even lead multiple elections in my six years in the party (local el. to parl. el.), currently I’m a PP district chapter president for Karviná. Spoken languages: Great: Czech, English; Not that great: German, Polish; In quite a basic manner: French, Italian, Latin. for a year as a regional coordinator for PPCZ, lead a couple month campaign bus prior to the 2017 parliamentary election, I consider myself to be an Eurofederalist and am a very liberal person, my political goals are no smaller that for EU to surpass USA in the term of integration within my lifetime, if elected I’d strive for PPI to be way more visible to the world, to profess the PPs’ unity to the public and to make sure the internal cooperation is as deep as it can be. Here’s link to my longer presentation in Czech (just use Google Translate):

Positions to which you are candidate : Board Member

Support : PP-CZ

Contact :

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Name of the candidate : Stanley Cohen

Presentation of the candidate :

The New York times profiled lawyer Stanley L. Cohen is long-time social justice attorney and activist. For ten years he has been subjected to aggressive investigation and harassment by various agencies of the United States federal government, ultimately leading to criminal indictments being filed against him in two jurisdictions, relating to income tax matters.

Stanley Cohen has a long history of standing with and for the disadvantaged and the disaffected. After coming of age as a social worker and an organizer in the anti-war and economic justice movements, he became a lawyer in 1983 and spent seven years as a public defender with the Legal Aid Society in the Bronx. Later, in private practice he continued to advocate for and represent many people the government would like to silence or put in jail: Palestinian freedom fighters, Muslim preachers, North American natives living on Indian reservations, marijuana dealers, anti-war protestors, radical squatters, the homeless, “hacktivist” information activists, members of national liberation movements, anarchists, and anti-Zionists among many others.

Stanley Cohen is honored to be nominated to the board of Pirate Parties International and the nominating party, PPNO, feels that his set of skills and knowledge of very central pirate causes will be a great addition to any board. He is published frequently speaking truth to power. You can find some of his writings in Al Jazeera and Counter Punch

Here is a recent portrait article of Mr. Up the Rebels himself in The New York Times:

Positions to which you are candidate : Board Member

Support : PP-NO

Contact :

Name of the candidate : Kitty Hundal

Presentation of the candidate :

Kitty Hundal has a been a life long pirate from her first regular Saturday visits to her local public library as a child, to her first career in Libraries. She advocated strongly for free speech, a free press and took a consistent stand against censorship of print material and later against the attempts by various industries to prevent the introduction of audio-visual materials into library systems. Since Libraries were early adopters of computer systems and the “internet” (such as it was at the time), she was also an early user of those systems.

Her second career in software development as well as the enhancement of the Internet as we now know it, the development of the Web, led her down the path of being an early file sharer. The same path which eventually launched the creation of the Pirate movement by key figures in the file sharing circles. Those Internet years were spent lurking/learning about digital privacy, encryption, and social hacktivism from the cypherpunks, 2600 and other such early entities.

Kitty is not well known and has always preferred to maintain a low key presence. However, the world is changing and we’ve all had to change with it. While Kitty believes that the party system itself is outdated and stands in the way of increased democratization, digital and civil rights, privacy for the powerless and transparency for the powerful, she understands that evolutions often require transitions. She sees the Pirate Party as the means to bring about such a transition.

Kitty went into early retirement a few years ago and decided at that time to devote her time and energy to social activism which both defends those who are being persecuted for working to invoke positive change and to participate in invoking such change herself.

Live like a pirate, die like a pirate :heart:

Kitty Hundal

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Positions to which you are candidate : Board member

Support : PP-NO

Contact : kittyhundal[at]

Name of the candidate : Ladislav Koubek / PP-CZ

Presentation of the candidate :

I currently work as advisor for the Parliamentary Club of the Czech Pirate Party in the Parliament, and serve as councilman in the Prague’s 10th district. I worked as United Nations Staff Member on three occasions: UNDP Mongolia (sustainable development), UNDP Solomon Islands (post-conflict rehabilitation) and UN OCHA Afghanistan (humanitarian funding). I monitored elections with OSCE in Macedonia and Moldova, and managed project portfolio of bilateral donor, the Czech Development Agency, in Palestine (West Bank) and Mongolia. I volunteered in an NGO in Syria and organized fundraising after earthquake in Kashmir. Earlier, I worked a well-paid job in ICT Business Consulting, which I gave up to embark on the mission to support people living in poorer countries. Kindly refer to my Linkedin profile for details.

I consider myself to be a citizen of the World, having roots in the Central Europe and Czech Republic. I am a strong supporter of the fight for universal human rights. I hate racisms, Islamophobia, etc. I am a great fan of the SDGs with UN’s Agenda 2030, and alternative approaches to economic development integrating principles of sustainable development theory. I stand for the Pirates’ core agenda e.g. promoting open source, keeping net neutrality and I oppose the EU copyright reform.

I would be delighted to support activities of PPI as a Board Member. I will present my vision how to contribute to PPI in person. See you in Munich!

Positions to which you are candidate : Board Member

Support : PP-CZ

Contact : ladislav d-o-t koubek a-t pirati d-o-t cz

Name of the candidate : Magnus Andersson - PPSE

Presentation of the candidate :

Occupation: Full-time Test and Quality Manager at Novacura AB, a Swedish software development and consultancy firm, and leader of the Swedish Pirate Party.
Political alignment: Technooptimistic progressive social liberal [is my best guess]

I joined the Swedish Pirate Party in 2009, as many did at the time, due to the theater revolving the trial of the founders of The Pirate Bay. I was appalled by how the judicial system was so totally out of tune with the digital revolution that was happening and at the same time so corrupted by the copyright industry. But it took until July 2014 for me to make my first attempt to meet the Pirates, in the yearly political meet-and-greet week known as Almedalen. It didn’t take long until I was knee-deep involved in the party.

My political career started with the coordination of ballot distribution for the national elections in September 2014, something that all parties running for the government has to set up (yes, it is stupid and undemocratic, it has to change). During 2015 I was the national activist coordinator, trying to find and motivate our activists after a result that was not as near our expectations as we wanted. Then in May 2016, I was the first elected leader of the Swedish Pirate Party and has been ever since.

Besides the political career, I have been working mostly in the IT-sector, apart for my first three years as a mechanical engineer at a small innovation firm. I’ve been a system technician, database administrator, systems engineer, software engineer, consultant in various forms and now a test and quality manager. In 2003 I was one of the founders of a local union branch of the employer at the time, due to layoffs, where I was on the board as the treasurer for a few years until I was elected chair after joining all the other local branches into one national branch for the whole company, having about 300 members.

I believe we all can see that we are getting a second momentum in Europe at the moment and our core politics regarding open and free internet, personal integrity and copyright is getting more and more awareness. I think that PPI can be a positive force as an umbrella organization uniting the Pirate movement globally if it wants to and focuses. I see my self as a good mediator and I tend to be able to enthuse people around me. I see responsibility as something rewarding and constructive, even if my planning sometimes is below my own expectations.

I believe in the power of Why?

There is one thing though, and that is that I will naturally be deeply involved in the EU-elections in Sweden until May 26 and until then I will be mostly available for passive participation.

Positions to which you are candidate : Board Member

Support : PP-NO

Contact : @moinois

Dear Colleagues,

The international coordinators of Pirate Party of Germany herby submit our nominations for the GA


PPDE sponsor Guillaume Saouli (PPCH)

for board member:

PPDE sponsor Bastian Krone (PPDE), Thomas Gaul (PPDE), Markéta Gregorová (PPCZ), Sven Clement (PPLU), Alexander Isavnin (PPRU)

for alternate board member:

PPDE sponsor Adam Wolf (PPDE), Bastian Krone (PPDE), Thomas Gaul (PPDE), Markéta Gregorová (PPCZ)

for member of the court of arbirtration CoA:

PPDE sponsor Denis Simonet (PPCH), Stefan Thöni (PPCH), Bastian Krone (PPDE)

for the position of Lay Auditor

PPDE sponsor Pat Maechler PP-CH

cu in Munich.

Gregory Engels,

International Coordinator

Pirate Party of Germany

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Name of the candidate : Etienne Evellin (Aurifex) - PPFR

Presentation of the candidate :

I’m a member of the French Pirate Party for 5 years. I have in charge of several positions : member of the Control commission, regional coordinator for the west of France, member of the executive office for 6 months and international coordination for 2.5 years.
I’m an alternative member of the PPI board for one year. I try to do my best to help to board. The other members of the board can attest or not if my work if helpful.

I am not an activist but more a technician. I think that structure need a good organization in order to work properly. I am one of the author of the new PPFR’s statutes and rules of procedure (6 months of hard work but the party is reviving).

I’ve a law master degree (criminal law and family law mainly) and a bachelor in Art history (oriented on heritage conservation). In France, I work on several topics : Justice reform, constitutional issues, LBGT+ rights (I’m the captain of the crew working on this subject).

Positions to which you are candidate : Board Member

Support : PP-NO, PP-FR

Contact : @AbeEvellin

Name of the candidate : Cedric Levieux (farlistener) - PPFR

Presentation of the candidate :

I’m a member of the French Pirate Party since 2012. During these years, I occupied several positions, political ones, with the coordination of the Chocolatine region (also known as Occitanie) during 4 years, executive ones as the National Coordination Secretary (meeting organizations for region coordinators) or, since march, as member of the executive office of the PPFR, and also, technical ones for the last three years, lead member of the technical team and main architect of the Information System of PPFR. And, at this moment I’m spokenperson, in France, for liquid democracy and pirate tools.

As a rural person, I’m far from dense area, so I’m not the activist I would to be, BUT as a senior developper I developped during the past years a tool, Congressus, which permits everyone, urban people, rural people, disabled persons, agoraphobic persons, autistics to create and vote point of view, participating as politiceans all around our country.

Last but not least, I’m a remote worker, letting me available for a lot of things for technical issues, meetings and making the democracy real.

Positions to which you are candidate : Board Member

Support : PP-FR

Contact : @farlistener,

Here is the bio of Alex:
“Alexander Isavnin is member of Russian Pirate Party since 2010.
Studied mathematics at Moscow State University, started his work in campus network and works in ISPs since than. Last years actively promotes importance of Digital Freedoms and support of Human Rights by Internet industry and organizations. Speaks on Russian Internet freedom issues at various conferences. Joined org team of CryptoInstallFest, organized by Russian Pirate Party.”

Name of the candidate : Marek Nečada

Presentation of the candidate : I am a theoretical physicist currently working on my doctoral degree at Aalto University, Finland. I am a member of PP-CZ since 2009 and of PP-FI since 2013.
In the past, I served for more than two years in the arbitration committee of PP-CZ, and, modesty aside, I think the quality of my arbitration awards was well above average.
I sincerely hope that the CoA will have nothing to do, but it is not the case, I will take care that any disputes will be resolved in a just and clear manner.
I am fluent in Czech, English, Finnish and Russian; I have some passive knowledge of (i.e. am able to read and listen, if not spoken too fast) French, German and essentially anything Slavic.

Positions to which you are candidate : CoA member, Lay Auditor

Support :

Contact :

France supports Marek nomination.

Name of the candidates: Dr. Ohad Shem Tov for CoA and Lay Auditor and Dr. Ohad Bar Siman Tov for Lay Auditor.

Presentation of the candidate: Dr. Shem Tov is a political scientist, community studies expert. He is chairperson of PPIL. He is also the PPI representative for the UN in NY.

Dr. Bar Siman Tov is an engineer. He is also the PPI representative for the UN in NY.

Support: PPIL

Contact: keith

As all positions were filled, this discusion can be closed as well.