Nominations to PPI Court of Arbitration

Space for nominations to the PPI Court of Arbitration. This time we’re looking for:

  • up to six Court of Arbitration members

Nomination of Vojtech Pikal to the PPI CoA

On behalf of the Czech Pirate Party and with knowledge and blessing of its international coordinator (Veronika Murzynova) and of the candidate, I would like to nominate Vojtech Pikal to the Court of Arbitration.

This body has been largely inactive for the past years and we sorely need it to work. The main purpose of it is to assess current members, their activity and the CoA is the only body that can dismiss inactive member parties from our ranks. And we do need it to continue reaching quorum, which has been a struggle for our entire history.

To introduce Vojtech: He is a long time member of the Czech Pirates, many years member of its board and former member and vice-president of the Czech Lower House of Parliament. He also has a rich history with PPI, helping it on many occasions in the past, from drafting documents to presiding over GAs to even co-chairing the PPI at one point.

We need capable people who want to donate their time to the cause and help us with becoming an effective organisation. I’ll be most happy if you’ll consider supporting Vojtech’s candidacy. Thank you.



I would like to accept and confirm this nomination.
Sadly, I wont be able to participate on the upcoming GA, as at the same time PP-CZ has its annual GA and I am the main chair of it.
As I am not making candidacy to any positions in PP-CZ this year, I should have aviable time for the CoA position.


I’m fairly certain people know you well enough to vote for you; and sadly I don’t see a fight for the CoA positions anyway. Let’s hope some more brave souls will opt to run.

Pirate Party of Germany nominate the following candidates for the elections to the Court of Arbitration (CoA)
Marco Confalonieri (PP-IT),
Ohad Shem Tov (PP-IL),
Markus Barenhoff (PP-DE)

These are incumbent members of the CoA.


Pirate party Slovakia nominate the following candidates: Rudolf Molnar and Michal Pírek.

Thank you


I accept the nomination. I might have trouble in joining the GA since I am traveling this weekend.

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