Nominations for PPI Officers

This December, were electing the following positions. Please, submit your nominations.

1 Chairperson
4 Board members
1 Alternate board member
3 Lay auditors
6 Court of Arbitration members

On behalf of PPCZ, as its international coordinator, I hereby deliver these nominations for PPI officers, which came from the party’s primaries:

Board Members (incl. alternates):
Michal Gill
Raman Ojha
Zbyněk Mucha

Lay Auditors:
Zbyněk Mucha

Court of Arbitration Members:
Michal Gill
Zbyněk Mucha


On behalf of PPFR, as an international coordinator, i hereby deliver these nominations for PPI officers :

Chairperson :
Farlistener (Cédric Levieux)
Florie (Florie Marie)

Board members :
Roscoe (Jérome North)
Emerodh (Florian Roussel)

On behalf of PPDE, as the chairperson of the German Pirates, I hereby deliver the nominations for PPI officers which were decided by our board:

Bailey Lamon (PP-CA)

Board members:
Mike Gill (PP-CZ)
Manuel Caicedo (PP-CL)
Julian Häffner (PP-DE)

Alternate board member:
Carlos Polo (PP-CH)
Mia Utz (PP-DE)
Julian Häffner (PP-DE)

Lay Auditor:
Wolf Vincent Lübcke (PP-DE/PP-LU)

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On behalf of Pirate Without Borders (Piraten ohne Grenzen) I hereby nominate

Bastian (Sebastian Krone) for Board .

On behalf of PP[BR] as member from national board, i hereby deliver this nomination for PPI officer:

Board Member (incl. alternate):
M. Toledo

As PPCH we nominate Carlos Polo as Vice Chair in the case that the position is liberate by the election, of Gregory Engels as a Chair.