Nominations for Court of Arbitration (CoA)

A thread for your nominations for the Court of Arbitration. There are 6 positions to fill and there is no deadline. =)

PP-DE Nominations for CoA

      Markus Barenhoff (PP-DE)
      Kilian Brogli (PP-CH)
      St├ęphanie Schintgen  (PP-LU)
      Marco Confalonieri (PP-IT)

PPNO also monimates Marco Conflagrioni for CoA

PP-IL nominates Ohad Shem Tov (PPIL)

Marco Confalonieri (15,5 votes), St├ęphanie Schintgen (15,5 votes), Ohad Shem Tov(15,5 votes), and Markus Barenhoff (15 votes) all got over 50% of the votes and got elected to CoA.

topic closed.