Nominations for Chairperson

A thread for your nominations for PPI Chairperson. There is no deadline. =)

Can we also nominate other persons? Cause in that case I nominate Bailey Lamon. She’s been doing great work and I would like for her to have another term to have more impact.

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As international coordinator of PPNL, I formally nominate Bailey Lamon as PPI chairperson on behalf of PPNL.


Personally, I think Bailley is the best of the least bad choices ;D :rofl:
in the absence of another candidate :wink:

Personally, I think Bailey is the best of any choice. Please never diss persons, only diss policies and actions.


Hi, if possible I’d like to nominate Jelle Debusscher from PPBE for Chairperson.

PP-DE nominates for the chair of PPI

 Bailey Lamon

PPCZ also supports the nomination of Bailey Lamon for chairperson of PPI and nominates her for that position.


PPNO nominates Bailey Lamon

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Bailey Lamond got 12 votes and has been elected as Chair.

(Jelle Debusscher has got 3 votes. )

topic closed.