Nominations for Alternate Board

Nominated by PPNO, Svein Mork Dahl,
Nominated by PPIL, Keith Goldstein
Nominated by PPDE: Sebastian Krone

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Name of the candidate :

Svein Mork Dahl

Presentation of the candidate :

Political Vice-chair PPNO since 2017, elected Vice-chairs of Local Appeals Board and Expert Appeals Board Real Estate Tax, City Council of Arendal 2019. Experience from Development Aid work in East-Africa, startups, Real Estate and communications and corporate governance. Board member and delegate SMB Norge (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Association of Norway, Vice-Chair of Refugees Welcome Norway.

Lawyer by trade, Pirate by heart. Former Lay Auditor for PPI.

Positions to which you are candidate : Alternate Board

Support : [PPNO

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[PPDE] Thomas Gaul

Nomination made by Bastian on the form. PPIL also nominates Thomas Gaul for the board.

Name of the candidate : DanPrazeres

Presentation of the candidate : Board member, actual treasurer. I am a member of PPBR since 2011 (where I am actual treasurer, have been national coordinator and general secretary), board member of PPI since 2017. I am political scientist and musician. I work with pirate stuff since I entered on the movement, and I believe that is important for us having people from outside Europe

Positions to which you are candidate : [Board member]

Support : [insert the name of the supporters of the candidate] PPBr