Nominations for Alternate Board Member

A thread for your nominations for 1 alternate board member position. There is no deadline. =)

PP-DE Nominate for Alternate Member of the Board:

     Ji Yong Dijkhaus PP-NL

Since PPCZ believes Ji Yong is not interested in regular board position and would prefer to be an alternate member of the board, PPCZ joins its German colleagues and their nomination of Ji Yong Dijkhaus for alternate board member.

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At the last GA we discussed having alternate board members decided from the runoff from the elections to the board, as such we can have alternate board members elected, but they would be listed behind anyone who ran for the board, and there seems to be a stipulation that any alternate board member would also be willing to run for board office implicit in the decision:

PPNO monimated Ji Young as alternate Board member as well