New Member Parties

We did not receive any new member requests for this GA. There were three inquiries about membership that were made, but applications were not received on time (within 4 weeks). It is very important that we have an ongoing inclusion of new parties. For the next GA, the statute of 4 weeks should be revised to 1 week regarding the amount of time prior to the GA to submit an application for membership. Others have also discussed reducing the 4 week barrier for statute revisions, and I also agree that we should reduce the time frame for statute amendments as few members take interest in the statute revisions far enough in advance.

No, I can not support this.

Firstly β€œIt is very important that we have an ongoing inclusion of new parties.” is a false, by my opinion. We need to accept and include parties, that are operating, functioning and will not collapse within a year.

If Party was not able tu submit application in time, we schould worh with that party so they apply on time next time. And we should also work to have decisions of GA more frekvently then once a year on GA.


Inclusion is fine, but I do see 2 problems there.

  1. we should always verify who is joining the club, if pirate codex and pirate topics are met. This needs time and always should be part of the admittance process.
  2. I see tendencies to accept parties that are not pirate parties, which I oppose absolutely. So the faster the whole process is, the higher the chance to let this become an intransparent and even undemocratic process. Even for regular members we have a 6-month-test-period, where one vote can deny membership. At PPI it seems, once you are on board, there is no real way of recourse.

So please establish proper acceptance criteria instead of proposing an open door policy.