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A list of members can be found here:

A renewed inquiry on full membership was sent from the PPJP chaired by Suzawa Hideto. Efforts are being made to translate a complete application, and a vote will be made if such efforts are finished by the GA. In the meantime, the GA should refer to the application from the prior GA as evidence of an application. An email has also been sent to the board of PPI on this matter.

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An inquiry was made on becoming a member of PPI by Venezuelan Pirates. This correspondence was sent to the board. Further inquiries are being made with their administration to confirm their statutes. Considering this correspondence about membership and preliminary statutes were sent a month in advance, the GA might consider their application pending a formal report.

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“Pirati”, a small organization that
is committed to gather, connect and give support and encouragement
to people and organizations that recognize themselves
in the objectives of the Pirate Movement in Italy. We would like to
be admitted as Observer Member in Pirate Parties International.

Our information:

  • international coordinators:
  • contact email:
  • founding date: November 3rd, 2020
  • board: the organization has no board, however there are two roles
    that need to be fulfilled for legal purposes:
    • legal representative: Eleonora Serrati
    • treasurer: Alessandro Ciofini
  • documents attached:
    • statutes translated into English
    • a copy of the registration document (“Atto Costitutivo”) as
      presented and accepted by the Italian authorities
    • our logo
  • Manifesto: the European Pirate Party’s Manifesto
  • Website:

I received the proposed statutes by the Venezuelan Pirates (in English). They are based on my proposed universal statutes, which, in turn, are based on the PPCZ statutes. Didn’t have time yet to go through them line by line, but they seem good. Once I get a green light from the Venezuelans, I’ll post the statutes here.

Dear delegates,.

As discussed by Mike, please find below a link to our statutes (I am currently unable to attach files as I am a new user). We go by the name Venezuela Alternativa (Alternative Venezuela).

Please let me know if you are unable to access the file.


Hey; no worries. I’ll attach them myself: Pirate_Party_of_Venezuela_Statutes_2020-10-21 (1).pdf (239.9 kB)


Here is a PDF presentation of Pirati.

Pirati-presentation-PPI.pdf (181.6 KB)

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