Motions and other topics for discussion

Place for proposals for discussion or motions to be eventually voted on

On behalf of PPCZ, I would like to propose the following topic for discussion:

Topic: Inactive member parties and what to do about them

Justification: Over the years, we had some very bad luck in electing an active Court of Arbitration. This body is the only one that can expel member parties from the PPI. Due to inactivity or even non-existence, we now have quite a few of those. The current and previous boards did their best to supply the CoA with data on the parties in question; sadly, the CoA failed to act.

I therefore implore the active member parties: do nominate trustworthy people to the CoA, help to make it effective again and allow it to do its work. Thank you.

Motion (if needed): The General Assembly urgently tasks the Court of Arbitration with assessment of PPI member parties. It also tasks the CoA with dismissal of those member parties which the CoA will find are no longer active and/or in existence, within the course of the year 2022.


Topic: PPI DAO and Blockchain Tools

On behalf of PPIL, I would like to raise the following topic of discussion: PPI Use of Blockchain and Establishment of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

This is not a motion, but rather just a point of discussion for ‘any other business’.

Justification: Prior collaboration with Aragon and a working group made some progress towards establishing a DAO that would allow Pirates to vote with blockchain. However, several members expressed concern with the use of an Ethereum-based DAO that would be difficult (expensive) to modify, as well as skepticism about whether all of the parties would use the system. After attempts to revise the DAO to be more open or utilize another blockchain such as Polygon, our partners at Aragon appear to have lost interest; And rightfully so, as we need to discuss further how we can utilize blockchain and crypto in general to support our members and our activism projects.

AOB: At the GA, we would like to hear from our members about whether we are still interested in developing a DAO and/or using blockchain tools. Should this be an open system for the public or a closed system for member parties? How can we become innovative with Web 3.0?

Link to our prior discussion on this topic: A PPI DAO: Discussion - #13 by keithg


On behalf of PP-CZ, I would like to raise the topic of unpaid membership fees / donations. We do understand that some Pirate Parties do not have any or very little funding, yet it just looks really bad when we have so many unpaid memberships. We would like to hear from other parties how they perceive this issue. Thank you.

Motion (if needed) The General Assembly urges all Members to contact the Board if they are struggling to raise the necessary funding by the next PPI GA meeting at the latest.