Motion: No room for abusers within PPI and its members

With all the abuse cases going around the Internet in the past year, it would be a good thing for PPI and it’s members to make a public statement that there is room for abusers within the Pirate Party.

I table this motion as chair of PPNL.

Motivation: Without feeling safe, it’s very hard to voice your opinion. In countries without free speech, people don’t feel safe. As Pirates we have to have ensure that we have the environment where everybody feels safe to speak their mouth and vice opinions. Pirates need to know we don’t stand for any kind of abuse and therefore we need to be outspoken about it. No Abuse of any kind is allowed within the Pirate Party and we need to say that.

So the motion is : Is PPI prepared to voice that there is no room for abusers in the PPI and it’s members?

Thank you.


There had been 14.5 votes in favor and 1 abstention.

the motion has passed, topic closed.

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