Motion, NGO, Group Friendship

Every Year the Generell Assembely should choose a NGO or social Group of people doing activisum or helping others,
For one year we help this Group and at the end of the year we make a donation of 50% of all fees that go to PPI.
Each year we choose a new group.

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Great idea. I’d love that.

I’m not fan but why not … But with some democratic controls.

It should be that several months in advance, a first choice is made by the board.

Then, this choice must be submitted to all the Pirate Party with a vote on several questions:

  1. Which NGO do we want to support?
  2. How much of our budget are we willing to invest in the project?

For an example of a schedule:

  • March: start of the selection for the year n + 1 by the board
  • July: Publication of the list and beginning of the debates
  • November: Vote (Borda method)

My two cents…

finally, it’s necessary that in the list of choices, the choice “no support this year” is available, we must be able to refuse to set up this mechanism a year because we have other needs.

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I believe that it is a very good idea. But i’m thinking that instead of using our fees incomes, we could grow the idea to a world fund.

this countermotion was adopted:


Pirate Parties International may optionally adopt one NGO annually and support them in their work. The intention is to show support and learn from likeminded groups.

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