Membership Application of New PPTR


I had reached to PPI in January and February in behalf of newly-organized Pirate Party Turkey to apply as a member, replacing the old and inactive Korsan Parti Türkiye (Pirate Party Movement). I was informed by PPI that it shall be discussed on a GA, therefore I found it necessary to write it here as a topic.

We as PPTR are looking forward to be a part of PPI and being helpful to the organization.


Some more information from Tan Siret Akıncı about the new Turkish PP:

  • The new PPTR is a political party that is not registered yet but is seriously working towards that.

  • Esat Kaya is the President (highest representative rank) while Tan Siret Akıncı is the General Secretary (highest executive rank).

  • Statutes of the party are here.

  • Party program is accessible on in its basic form as the party leaves the policies to the local candidates due to its decentralization policy and nature.

  • There is no legal registration document other than the domain registry yet.

  • The current committee (what PPI calls the board) is here. It’s temporary and will be changed at a future congress.

  • No legal membership count is available yet as the party is still in the process of being founded, but there already are 50+ people in its Telegram and Matrix channels.

  • No subsidiaries yet. The party is close to FossNetTR and GNU Community of Turkey.

  • Logo is here.

  • The new PPTR accept PPI’s statement and statutes.

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