Logistic Pirate Group (LPG) (Motion Carlo Polo)

Hi to all,

I will like to make a motion : I think PPI needs to create and elect a Logistic Pirate Group (LPG)

Objectif : Centralise, coordonate and manage logistic issues, public relations and publicity.

the scoop: is to work to in favor of our countries members, to help in logistics issues, and trouhg this group make sure that we can capitalised the Financial spends and efforts in subjets as Flags, goodies, flyeers, tshirts, etc.

As well, provide to the board members of PPI, the minimal outils for representation as one KIT PPI, Bussines cards, Flag, and Tshirt for manifestations or public events, and some kind of banner for virtual meetings.

The whole dispositif must be financed, how$’? for PPI? or donators?, country contributions?
the budget should be defined as Public relations, or representation?

This groupe could as well take in charge the responsability of the budget for social media, to help country members to have accès to publicity in social networks(FB, Instagram, tick tock, etc.) and by this way maker sure that the PPI strategy of communication is deployed in a coherent way for all member, in her big lines world wide.

I hope that we can at least, discuss the issue that for sure will help us to get a better impact in the future of our local élections.

Best regards,
Carlos Polo

The final text was:
The PPI GA task the board to create a Logistic Pirate Group. Do we want to have a logistics group, yes or no?

there had been 3 votes in favor, 5.5 votes against it, and 5.5 abstentions.

Motion failed.
Topic closed.