Inactive Members Solution (PPCZ)

Inactive Members Solution

On behalf of the PPCZ as it’s delegate I would like to propose that we save a time slot at the end of the GA (Sunday afternoon) to discuss the situation concerning inactive members (member parties) and their possible downgrading to observer membership or even no membership at all.

The board has created a statistics on this and there are quite a few candidate parties who seem to be inactive for years, haven’t attended any GA for years and are impossible to contact. Such members undermine our ability to reach quorum and thus complicate our functioning.

Our statutes expect the Court of Arbitration to deal with such members. The PPCZ’s proposal therefore is that the GA assigns a task to the CoA to assess the situation and come up with solutions in time before the next GA.


Indeed we reported this issue to the CoA, but no resolution was clarified. It is a case by case issue, but we may have to solve it at the start of this GA to make quorum.

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I hope that we’ll be able to reach quorum regardless, but it’s an ongoing issue, so I wanted to make sure it gets discussed. :slight_smile:

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Inactive members should be downgraded to observer members automatically. If they show & pay up, this can be changed before Quorum is needed. I’m really a little shocked that this isn’t practiced already. Thank you and ppCZ for bringing this up.

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Motion passed with 13.5 votes in favor and 1 abstaintion.

Topic closed.