Discussion on GA agenda items

Here we place the discussion for responses to the following questions:

Do you have a proposal for an agenda item at the GA?

Are there any topics that you think should be included in the GA?

[PPIL] We need a discussion about fundraising, crowdfunding, donors, and endorsements.
We need a discussion about registration in Geneva and Brussels, enlisting contacts who live in these cities.

[Pirate Party of Slovakia] A political party of a former StB member (Czechoslovak version of KGB) wrongfully claims itself to be a official Pirate Party on socialmedia, however it is registered as Korektura- Andy Hryc. They are damaging our goodwill on socialmedia. We would like to discuss suggestions how to avoid such identity thefts.

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[Kalózpárt (Hungarian Pirates)] The Pirate Brand in Europe. Common values, country and culture specific problems. Which core principles should a local party abide by? Is there anything the Pirates would under no circumstance identify with? Is there a minimum each and every Pirate should abide by? Is there an Ethical Codex?