Demonstration for proposal

Name of the motion : Increase the Board Size

Presentation of the motion : We propose to increase the board size of PPI by 4 members, a new statute whereby board members will be designated as Vice Secretaries of specific tasks, and revisions to voting for Board members and Board nominations.
This motion will require 4 modifications of the statutes :

  • Article XII. (3) to increase the number of board members
  • New article XII. (3a) to include specific tasks for each board member (CEO, Spokesperson, Treasurer, General Secretary, and 7 Vice Secretaries).
  • Article XII. (4) modification of the rules concerning vacant seats
  • Article XIII. (1) f) the Board will be responsible for naming Vice-Secretaries while the GA will be responsible for naming the General Secretary.

Body of the motion :

The article XII (3) is amended as follows :
(3) The Board is composed of:
a) one Chairperson, CEO
b) one Vice-Chairperson, Spokesperson
c) one Treasurer, CFO
d) a General Secretary
e) Seven Vice-Secretaries
The GA will vote on the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, General Secretary, and Seven Vice-Secretaries. The Board will vote on the Vice-Secretaries among the elected members following the GA.

In article XII, after the paragraph (3), it is inserted the following article :
(3a) The Board will decide on the tasks of the Vice-Secretaries among itself, so as to delegate tasks needed. The Vice-Secretaries are stipulated to be the following:
a) Vice-Secretary for Member Relations
b) Vice-Secretary for International Institutions and NGO Affairs
c) Vice-Secretary for International Policies
d) Vice-Secretary for Training
e) Vice-Secretary for Communications and Social Media
f) Vice-Secretary for Conferences and Special Events
g) Vice-Secretary for IT (application development and website maintenance)

The article XII (4) is amended as follows :
(4) If the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, the treasurer, or the general secretary position is vacant following the rules of the article XIII (8), the Board elects among Vice-Secretaries a successor. An alternate board member would then be nominated to fulfill the vacated position of Vice-Secretary No Board Member shall fulfil more than one office.

The article XIII (1) f) is amended as follows :
f) to appoint the Vice-Secretaries and to supervise the management of the PPI Headquarters,

Support : PPIL

Rapporteur : @keithg