Bookeeping 2019

Bookeping - 2019


Hello. My response as lay auditor (copy to e-mail reply to Keith and Dantas)


Thanks for documents. It’s very late to make a serious study of the documents.
After some calculation, account for 2019 is clear for me, file is ok with bank statement.

Now some questions :
First, we have a debt for the IT infrastructure, but no document is available to validate that debt.
The sum is larger than the balance of the account of the Pirate International Party. If this problem is not resolved in the short term, the life of the Pirate Party could be engaged.

second, we have a line indicating a sum of a Belgian Paypal account, possible to have information on the subject?

Finally, I am a little concerned about the members who will have the right to vote tomorrow.
In 2019, only France and Switzerland paid their fee. If we take into account December 2018, we can add Catalans, Czechs and Slovenians. You can add German if you count all 2018 fee …

Can you have some information about that ?

Have a nice day
Nicolas Petitdemange

Hallo, I from the Luxembourg PP.
And I alredy wonderd about Fees.
I know, we don paid them.
But as a Tresory of our Party I did not receiv a Mail concerning this. So I also do not know, how much it is. And if only 5 or 6 Members had paid their fee, is this assambly enable to vote?
with best regards
Lucie Kunakova

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