Appointment of vice-secretaries

Name of the motion : Creation of middlemanagement - vice-secretaries appointed by the Board

Presentation of the motion : This motion follows the spirits of proposals here:

The aim is to allow the Board to create new executive positions filled with volunters or otherwise, without the need to enlarge the Board and make it less efficient in making decisions.

These vice-secretaries could take on jobs or duties that are needed to be done by the Board as a body but the Board simply does not have enough manpower within itself to do them.

Our experience says that it is much more effective to make single person responsible for a job, so there is specific person to blame or praise and easy-to-understand single-point-of-contact. This does not disallow to employ others in dealing with the task, but creates a rudimentary structure.

If you want something discused, create a comitee, if you want to make it done, make someone responsible.

Body of the motion : Add new letter g) to the number (1) of Article XIII. Functions of the Board that reads as follows:

g) to appoint vice-secretaries of Pirate Parties International and delegate to them specified tasks of the Board,
Current letters g) to j) are renumbered to h) to g).

Support : [insert the name of the supporters of the motion, including yours]

Rapporteur : Vojtěch Pikal