[Amendement] Clearer composition and elections of the Board

Hello, i would like to make series of proposals to change Art. XII. Board of the Statutes, mainly to make that part clearer and elections a faster process; It is a reiteration of proposals from last year, but i stil consider them valid and usefull.

Proposal 1):

(2a) This rule applies only once: At the next regular session, every secondary seat of the Board and the Alternate Board - according to the number of their previous votes - will be new elected due to establish a rotating system. In case of a tie at the previous votes a decision is taken by drawing lot.
(5) To establish a rotating system, five positions in the Board are elected on even years and four on odd years.


(2a) has complicated language and does not establish the rotating system fully - on the ocasion of revocation of the whole board, whole of it would be elected for two years and the system would be destroyed. Moreover, how the rotating system works with alternates is not established.
New version od (5) will astablish rotating system fully an for all years to come. Any detail can be set out in RoP if needed.

Proposal 2):

(3) The Board is composed of nine Board Members as follows:


Establishes that there are 9 Board Memebers and that Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson are also Board Members.

Proposal 3):

(4) The Board elects among the Board Members

  • a) a Treasurer, and
  • b) a Chief of Administration,
  • c) a Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson, if the seat became vacant.

Reasoning: omission of unnecessary conjunction

Proposal 4):

(6) Other positionsoffices may be created by the Board.

Creating disticton between positions(in the board) and offices(of the Board members or other - see XIVa. (8) and XII (4) and (8).)

Proposal 5):

(7) There shall be four Alternate Members of the Board. If one seat of the Board becomes vacant, one of the Alternate Members shall follow-up according to an ordered list. The position of the Alternate Members on the list shall be determined by approval voting. If Alternate Member follows-up to a position, they do so for the remainder of the term of the position.


Several changes;
Ommition of the number of Alternate Members, means (a) that if there are less Alternates elected (or available) due to lack of candidates or confidence of GA in them, the GA would not be forced and deleyed, by the need to pick somebody and (b) if there are more viable candidates, than all cen be elected.
Making the list ordered and not specifiing voting method frees GA to specify better methods in its RoP.
Adding last statement clarifies how does rotating system work with alternates.

Each change IMHO is valuable by its own and can be debated and voted separately.

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Proposal 1: Completely agree (I don’t think we need to vote on this. It can just be turned into a footnote.)

Proposal 2: In the 2019 GA it was decided that we would alter XII. Board to include 2 additional board members, as a result clause 3 c was changed from five to seven. Is your intention to roll back that change in this motion? I am quite happy with the size of the board at the moment. We always have a few people who are not present, especially as we by design include board members from different time zones. Human resources became a problem for us when we were organizing events and conferences.

Proposal 3: Completely agree (I don’t think we need to vote on fixing this.)

Proposal 4: I think I agree with you, but this might require a bit more explaining. I think the intention of position is what we have now enshrined as vice secretaries. I think perhaps the terms position and office should be defined.

Proposal 5: I agree. However, I thought last GA that you also wanted to forego with the alternate board member voting, and just have it as a run-off of the Board member voting. Was that your intention when removing the number of alternate members, or am I mistaken? Please note that this proposal actually will influence whether we vote on an alternate member at this next GA, because one alternate resigned and we have only 3. I also bring up (especially in regards to proposal 2) that before the 2019 GA we technically had zero alternates, because they had all advanced to the board or resigned.

Ive missed that. Somebody should update Statutes on mainmage, than - https://pp-international.net/about-ppi/statutes-of-ppi/#Board

My intentiton is not to change the number of Board members. (Although I did not support enlargement last year)

Ill fix that in my proposal.

I want to have distiction between;

a) Seat - physical person holding membership in elected PPI body;
b) Position - person on Seat holding distinct postition within a body
c) Office - any person doing work for PPI or its body

Board members can elect between them to a position, but not to a seat.

Yes. (It is my intention to forego alternate elections as a separate thing. They should be elected as part of the Board election process. Less bureaucracy and peperwork with separate nominations and elections. More candidates for the Board. Better voting system?)

Iv put the approved vesions of changes on the wiki: https://wiki.pp-international.net/wiki/index.php?title=Decisons_of_GA#Statute_amendements

Will do it also in the statutes page itself.

Here: https://wiki.pp-international.net/wiki/index.php?title=Statutes&type=revision&diff=5567&oldid=5246

Please controll me.

After thad, close this discussion.

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