Affiliation Fee Announcements

Dear GA,

The following is an announcement about affiliation fees. The Board requests that the following announcement is made at the GA by the chair.

According to statute IX. 5. Any Ordinary Member which has failed to pay its annual affiliation fee up to and including the end of the fiscal year preceding the General Assembly meeting shall forfeit its right to vote at that meeting of the General Assembly, unless remission or postponement of dues has received prior authorization from the Board.

Currently, 9 members have paid affiliation fees or requested a remission or postponement for the 2016 affiliation fees (due by the end of 2017). 2 members requested deferments. If this information requires updating, please let the board know. Please see the following page for the table of affiliation fee calculations and payments.

Furthermore, only 2 parties have made 2017 affiliation fee payments:

We realize that not all parties have strong financial resources. Affiliation fees are our only means at the moment for paying the upkeep of this organization. Please pay what you can. Affiliation fees can be paid by the following means:

  1. Bitcoin Exchange Account, AA93 N84G Z6LC C7VQ

  2. Bank Pirate-Parties International, Case postale 36, 1188 Gimel IBAN: CH63 0900 0000 8901 9371 7 BIC: POFICHBEXXX Geneve, Switzerland

  3. Paypal Merchant ID: TEWDVQP5V4MZE, For payments:

Further revisions to the affiliation fee payment system have been proposed at the current GA. We thank you for your compliance and generous assistance.

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