About the December 2023 General Assembly category

This GA will focus on discussing various proposals. Election of new PPI officers will take place in this Winter GA.

If needed we will extend the meeting on Sunday, but hopefully we can finish the meeting in one day.

The meeting will take place on the PPI Mumble server: Mumble - PPI

World.svg PPI Server
Title: Pirate Parties International
Address: mumble.ppi.rocks
Port: 64738 (standard)
Username: free choice, no spaces

It is very important that we make quorum, so please delegate your vote to another member if you cannot come to the event. Please also forward this message to other PPI members. Delegates should be announced to the board prior to the start of the GA. Each member may have up to 6 delegates. Others are welcome to attend without voting. Rules of the GA can be reviewed on the Wiki: Rules of procedure - PPI

We hope that many of you can attend, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Good luck to us on having a successful event!