== 5.4 UN Updates==


We held a small SCUBA meeting. Groundspasses for all 3 UN centers have been submitted. We held a meeting in which we discussed a statement for a Commission on the use of internet for illegal purposes, but we saw that our organization was not listed as a formal participant in the meeting despite having sent a form to participate and being on their mailing list. I paste the notes from the chat from our meeting in this pad: https://etherpad.pp-international.net/mypads/index.html?/mypads/group/ppi-internal-obdk07s/pad/view/un-meetings-2023-49ik0nh

We discussed setting up a side event for the Youth Forum. The Youth Forum is a hybrid event in NY, and the deadline is March 17. ECOSOC Youth Forum | Economic and Social Council

We also discussed applying for a UN funded project grant, such as the following which is due in November. We should investigate our ability to manage the accounting and setting up a team to build a competent project: The UN and Civil Society | United Nations

Who is receiving the co-chairmen email? I do not have access to this email and all of the most important UN information arrives there. It is a hidden list. I request that all board members receive emails to this list If this is not resolved soon then I will change the contact email at the UN. We have been missing all of the invitations to speak and submit statements for about 2 years now.

Bastian updates that it is an actual email that is forwarded. My recommendation is to create a UN activities email that is forwarded to all board and working group members.