== 5.2 Standing Committees ==


SCENE (campaigning)

Standing Committee on External Networking Engagement

This committee specializes in campaigning, media and public relations and sharing of good practice in this field among our members.

SCUBA (United Nations)

Standing Committee on UN Bureaucratic Activities

This committee specializes in PPI’s membership in the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), all UN events as well as conferences we are organizing or invited to participate in.

SCULL (internal processes)

Standing Committee on Universal Liaison on Party Labour (internal processes of member parties)

This committee specializes in the internal processes of various Pirate Parties around the world and exchange of best practice in this field.

SCURVY (party finances)

Standing Committee on Usual Requisitions of Various Yields

This committee specializes in economics, fundraising and exchange of best practice in this field.

Joint PPI-PPEU Working Group

Established on March 20 2021 at a joint meeting of PPI and PPEU boards [1]

This working group should be focusing on cooperation between PPI and PPEU.