== 5.1 Proposals ==


Election of the Treasurer
: Do we postpone the vote until the next board meeting?

*Motion is postponed until the next meeting

  • Issue: Setting new dates and times for board meetings

  • Submitted by: Keith

  • Justification: Need to accommodate all members and have frontal live meetings

  • Motion: It was decided to create a Doodle.

{{motion|title=Nominating Vice Secretaries
|text=We seek nominations for vice-secretaries and vice-treasurers,
:A vote is usually not requested for nominating the vice secretaries, unless someone has an objection with a specific nomination. There is no limit on the number of vice secretaries. While board members can also be vice secretaries, it is preferable that we can nominate people outside the board. Vice secretaries are our means to expand the number of volunteers focused on specific tasks of the organization.

{{motion|title=Do we want to use the Redmine?

*Justification:The board would need to be updated to enable voting and tasks.

The following is the proposal from the chair @Florie regarding an early vote to confirm the treasurer position.

"We are still struggling to get a treasurer voted into office I’d like to convene an extraordinary meeting for this matter which is becoming urgent.
Given that previous votes were postponed due to low attendance, I propose that we vote by email. This way, every board member will be able to cast his or her vote.

Here are the basis of my proposal :

§1 Board meetings
3.Extraordinary meetings can be called by any member of the board for urgent matters.

§5 Votes
3. Vote in absentia of the board members - The board members may vote in absentia using any of the following means:
(1. Updating the decision on the Project Management Referential with their vote)
(2. Using Loomio to cast their votes)
3.Emailing the board mailing list citing the object and their vote.

Several arguments make the case for the urgency of the matter :

  1. Manuel Caicedo, interim Treasurer decided to not continue as such, given that new elected members joined the board following the last GA. According to Statutes XVII.(2) the Treasurer shall report every three months. The previous GA was gathered on the 28th of January of 2023 so the interval is getting narrow.
  2. There are pending invoices as well as fee disputes going on (see Issue: PPLU Affiliation Fee Conflict & Issue: Payment of pending invoices here PPI Minutes 2023-02-14 - PPI)
  3. Keith is poking around organizing events and building projects which could award grants (see ECOSOC/UN here PPI Minutes 2023-03-05 - PPI). We have to be ready for these disbursement and collection events. It can more generally harm our ability to collect money and reimburse expenses or initiate projects.

Eventually, here is the course I action I propose :
We convene an urgent meeting. Its only motion will be Bailey’s nomination as Treasurer. Board members will have a one week period to cast their vote via email, starting from the call-up date and time."

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5.1 - Proposals

  • Election of the Treasurer

Nominating Treasurer
Do we accept Bailey as treasurer?
15yes.png15x15 Yes : Florie, Keith, Alexander,
15no.png15x15 No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg15x15 Abstain : Bailey
Result: **There are 3 out of 6 votes of approval. Vote is postponed, lacking 4 votes needed for a majority of votes according to RoP §5.2. **

The vote has been opened for postal votes, which we will update here or during the meeting.

The following RoPs for the board voting need to be updated or we need to return to using Loomio and Redmine.

  1. Vote in absentia of the board members - The board members may vote in absentia using any of the following means:
  2. Updating the decision on the Project Management Referential with their vote
  3. Using Loomio to cast their votes
  4. Emailing the board mailing list citing the object and their vote.
  5. A tally of the vote shall be maintained in the decision record on https://tasks.pp-international.net
  6. Board members not present at the meeting can vote on a proposal published in the provisional agenda or Loomio PPI Board by citing the proposal and expressing their vote in an e-mail sent to board@pp-international.net (postal vote) or casting a vote in Loomio. The Loomio and postal votes shall be added to the votes cast at the meeting if the proposals are exactly the same. The Loomio and postal votes shall be mentioned in the provisional agenda and can be superseded by subsequent email, a change to the Loomio vote or by a vote cast at the meeting.

I hereby request that the Code of Conduct of the PPEU be incorporated into the RoP of the PPI Board.

This Code of Conduct could also be incorporated into the Statures at the next General Assembly.

In my opinion, we have reached a point in our cooperation that lacks the necessary respect for members on the Board. This also explicitly refers to statements made by officers in public and in internal communication media.

Code of Conduct Manifesto

Respect for Diversity & Inclusion

We avoid comments, actions or propaganda that encourages discrimination related to gender, gender expression, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, sexual characteristics, physical appearance, disability, or age.

Respect Freedom of Expression

We support an individual’s freedom of expression and will strive to better understand each other by not assuming experiences or beliefs, clarifying meanings, and making an effort to speak clearly, avoiding jargon and acronyms.

Commitment to Non-Violence

We will not engage in any type of violence or aggression, including verbal threats or complaints, intimidation, stalking or harassment, whether physically or psychologically.

Rejection of Sexual Harassment

We understand sexual harassment as unwanted physical contact or insinuation of a sexual nature, as well as displaying images, drawings or visual representations of any kind that objectify members of any gender or reinforce oppression.

Respect for Privacy

Safeguard the privacy of members, individuals and participants in PPI events, and agree to follow the Code of Conduct as well as the CoC Council’s recommendations.

Facilitate Participation & Collaboration

We work to create an environment that facilitates participation for all participants, and that session presenters are given respect. We will not engage in sustained disruption of sessions or events, interrupt conversations in a way that negatively impacts collaboration, or engage in toxic behaviors to attract negative attention to an attendee.

We Care about the Integrity and Health of the Community

We value the health of the community and will not engage in behavior that can negatively impact it.

Support Positive Interactions Among members

We are committed to engaging constructively with others at all times. We will not tolerate bullying, including requesting or mobilizing others, either in person or online, to bully others.

I have added the proposal to the agenda.

Rescheduling the GA. We did not meet quorum. We should review inactive parties, discuss a rescheduling date, discuss E-democracy solutions…

Problem for users to sign up to the cloud. A user wrote to our Discord: 1. I submitted a request for access to that nextcloud with a proton email and never got a response, either way I spent a chunk of the day digging and found a few more photos I could confirm were public domain or licensed appropriately anyways. Wikimedia and Openverse I found pretty straightforwardly provided photos with open licensing and confirming they are okay to use wherever

  1. [8:18 PM]

Is there anyone managing that cloud who is supposed to be approving new people?

I confirm that an additional test also failed. No verification email was received. I have admin access but do not see pending registrations. I can add manually.

I checked it today. Mail works fine: “If you received this email, the email settings are correct.”

Indeed, we confirmed the issue is with proton mail. A test with gmail later worked with a delay.

*Revision of Rules of Procedure 5.5.1

::The rules of procedure regarding the inclusion of alternate board members as automatic replacements for absent board members is vague. Furthermore, the process of delegating votes is not practiced. I propose the following revision to the rules of procedure: Add a line that confirms that alternates automatically receive the vote of an absentee who has not delegate his or her vote in advance. This vote clarifies the rule so that alternate board members can participate in the meetings. There are no procedural changes to the practice of delegating votes. (See current rule and revision below).

**Current Rule 1. Board members may delegate their vote to another specific board member, or they may delegate their vote to an alternate board member. The most senior ranking alternate board member will take the first delegated vote, and each additional delegated vote will be given to the next in line. No alternate board member can hold more than one delegated vote. All board members who cannot attend should delegate their vote in advance.

**Revision Proposed: If a board member does not delegate their vote, the most senior ranking alternate board member will take the first undelegated absentee’s vote. Each additional absentee’s undelegated vote will be given to the next in line.