2018 GA Budget, Revised from Annual Report and Treasurer's Statement

**Pirate Parties International 2018 General Assembly **
Revised Annual Report Budget

The following details both finances for 2018 as well as the prospective budget for 2019 and onwards. All details of exact fees are located on our Wiki Finances page: https://wiki.pp-international.net/wiki/index.php?title=Finances

A separate document is being prepared to outline affiliation fees.

All prices are listed in Euros.

Expenses listed are those that have not been already paid. Expenses that were already paid are included in the lay auditors reports and online.


<Additional notes: Costs included from the budget prepared by Guillaume appeared to be duplicates of costs cited by Thomas. For example, the costs for IT Infra/Ops appear to be duplicates of server costs. Alterations are highlighted. Auditing costs are cited as 500. Registration costs are cited as 1000. These costs should be clarified for exact amounts. Are they separate or different? It is unclear what the costs for Pirate Times signify. Postal routing fees, accounting fees, are not found in our finances, nor are the Pirate Times costs. WIKI tables for prior years need to be separated. Tables should be updated, especially affiliation fee payments.>


• Over the past year PPI has used approximately 2000 Euros.

• PPI gained over this period approximately 1060 Euros.

• Additional costs that were not reported are not included. Future repayments, such as the TT2 repayments, must be made in line with payments of fees in the coming years. Server costs are deferred.

• Budget for the upcoming year depends largely on the budget that we can allocate from affiliation fees and elsewhere.

• Payments for TT3 of approximately 300 EUR made by PPIL are not included in these spreadsheets, as those payments were made directly from their account for the event.

• Our final balance remaining in both accounts is approximately 1,543 EUR


Over the coming year we must collect affiliation fees for 2018. Affiliation fees are collected for the prior year. We must also consider the repayments for TT2, and whether we will have enough funds to continue our repayments on schedule. Server costs and other tech fees have not been incurred but may be charged in the future. We must also consider how to raise and allocate funds for upcoming Think Twice conferences, the Pirate security conference, UN events, and this GA. Please note that our UN representatives have paid all of their own costs to this point, but we should cover at least their within city transportation costs. There are also some events with a registration fee, and we should pay that fee to encourage the representatives to attend. Finally, we should work on a plan for both crowdfunding and collecting grants or other fundraising for research, tech development, and other activities.

It was not clear if auditing and registration costs were separate. There was some indication in a prior report of a 1000 Euro cost, which appears to be double prior estimates. This should be clarified. The costs that are being cited appear to be vastly beyond the means of this organization and exponentially larger than our prior spending. The affiliation fee estimates are also vastly overestimating the donations that we can expect to receive.

Please below the all varias of budget related to the dues collection mode:

  • current dues collection model
  • dues collection without cap
  • counter proposal with a tiered dues model


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