2018 Affiliation Fees, Proposal for 4-Tier Fee System

The following proposal is based on a meeting of the Board. I do not propose this on behalf of my party but add it here, as requested by Board members. If you are in favor of this revision, please adopt the proposal as a motion on behalf of your member party.

A proposal was made for a 4-Tier Membership Fee System. The Four Tiers are as follows: 1) Mature, 2) Established, 3) Emerging, 4) Nascent. Each member would have a distinct affiliation fee payment. The proposed fees listed for each tier are 1) 1000, 2) 250, 3) 100, and 4) 0 (presumably Euros).

Mature members are those that receive regular state funding, collects member dues, have elected officials at state or regional level, and/or have elected officials at local level who receive compensation.

Established members are those that have paying members, run for elections on a regular basis, and have regular statutory activities such as general assemblies.

Emerging members collect donations, run statutory activities such as general assemblies, and run activism projects.

Nascent members have regular statutory activities, such as general assemblies and run activism projects.


Just made a first estimation for it. According to my counting this would bring >15k € if Euros are wanted. Much better for PPI as any previous proposal. And I remember the struggle about the current calculation for our membership fees. (ThomasG - PPDE)

Recalculated membership dues for 2019 in euros: