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We received a comment from an alternate board member that it is not clear about the procedure for postal voting. Alternates can submit votes. If there are not 9 votes then those votes will be counted. As far as informing about the votes, we send voting announcements by email, wire, and Discourse. For a postal vote, board members and alternates can submit votes simultaneously. In general we will wait until the next meeting to tally the votes. If it is an urgent matter, and there are 5 votes from board members (not including alternates), then the proposal could be passed during the interim between meetings. Statutes for postal voting exist but are limited. This interpretation of postal voting seems the to be the intent of their existence in the statutes. As far as where to send that postal vote, normally the board email would be the best way to send the vote. Since we have had issues with that email specifically I encourage the board to send them here on Discourse or Wire.